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Meeting with Daniel Knowles

Some members of the Kingsbury Incorporation Committee were able to meet today with Daniel Knowles, the Washington Correspondent for The Economist. Bob, Alison, and I (along with my co-worker Mark Strain who wanted to check out the goings on in Kingsbury!) met with Daniel and Jess Fields, Senior Policy Analyst for the Texas Public Policy Foundation. Jess has been a great friend to Kingsbury and all Liberty Cities in Texas, and put together this meeting today with Daniel. The article should appear in The Economist next Friday and we'll certainly post it here when it does. The Economist is a British publication - it's amazing how the efforts of a small town in Texas reach so far across the gl

Happy Birthday Kingsbury!

Today, May 19th, 2015, is the birthday of the newest city in Texas. On this day, Kingsbury received the Order from the Guadalupe County Commissioners Court to declare it a Type-C Municipality. The Court approved the canvass of the incorporation election, issued the Order for a municipality, and set the date for election of city officials - all by unanimous votes. When it came to discussing the Order, I was allowed to get up and say a few words about Kingsbury, the people of our great community, and the efforts of the Court, the KIC, and our citizenry to get to this phase in the development of a whole, independent Kingsbury. The vote was then taken and the Order passed. We couldn't help our

What the Incorporation of Kingsbury Means

It is not often when a group of ordinary citizens can get together, pool their talents for one great cause, and actually have the privilege of helping to successfully create a new Texas city--now that's just down-to-earth history making! The vote is in. The new City of Kingsbury makes history with 97.1-percent voting in favor of the new city's incorporation and only 2.9-percent voting against the incorporation. A very BIG Congratulations and Thank You goes out to everyone who helped to make this election a very positive result! The voter turnout of just under 40-percent was an exceptional turnout for a small community during an off-year election. This election was not about any kind of polit

Now the OFFICIAL Results Are In!

The final tally in the election to incorporate Kingsbury is a 66 to 2 landslide! Thanks to all of those eligible voters that came out and cast a ballot for "The City Of Kingsbury". And thanks to all the people that have helped Kingsbury become the newest city in Texas with donations, fundraisers, time, and support. Every little bit helps and there is a great group of people leading the charge for Kingsbury!

The Unofficial Results Are In!!

Of the 43 official, registered voters that cast their ballots in early voting for Kingsbury Incorporation ... 42 are FOR KINGSBURY to be the newest city in Texas!! There were 25 ballots cast today on Election Day. The math tells me that even if all voted against incorporation, Kingsbury Incorporation still passes! Congratulations to all Kingsburians everywhere - Past and Present!!

Another Trip to Austin in Support of Liberty Cities

Kingsbury Incorporation Committee members Sam Drugan, Bob Grafe, and George Hext traveled to Austin on April 30th to support Senate Bill SB1639 that gives rights or areas being annexed by a municipality. Sam Drugan in the Texas House Chambers. Sam Drugan outside the Texas Capitol building.

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