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To be released from an ETJ, a property owner must deliver:

   1. a signed and notarized petition 

Link to download here for release from Seguin's ETJ. Note: When it asks for Tax ID #, this refers to the property number, NOT your social security number. Most of this info can be found through the Guadalupe County Appraisal District.

     2. a map outlining your property 

Look up your property here and print out the map. Here's an example.


   3. a description of the property by metes and bounds or lot and block number.

You can find this in the deed to your property. If you can't find your deed, you can look it up and purchase a copy here after creating a membership. Here is an example

These items are presented to the city secretary of the municipality from whose ETJ you want to be released. The city has 30 days to release the property, or it is released automatically!

The City of Kingsbury City Commission is happy to help you gather, fill out, and notarize all of your paperwork at no cost or obligation to you! Mayor Shirley Nolen is a notary public and can be found many evenings at her store.

The Kingsbury Country Store, 668 Railway St, Kingsbury, TX

You can also come by the monthly Kingsbury City Commission Meeting every third Monday of the month at 6:30 pm at the fire station.

Kingsbury Volunteer Fire Department, 1060 FM1104, Kingsbury, TX

etj flyer cropped.png

Over the last few years, the city of Seguin has claimed much of the Kingsbury area as part of Seguin’s extraterritorial jurisdiction or ETJ. Luling’s ETJ has also expanded to this side of the San Marcos River.  An ETJ is a designated buffer area located outside of city limits used as a method of defining potential growth. The land in an ETJ is controlled by certain city laws which could include possible zoning, code enforcement and the future annexation of your property!  Seguin has even defined their future "outer loop" as coming up FM2438 into Kingsbury. 

seguin etj graphic_edited.jpg

The City of Kingsbury was incorporated as a Liberty City in 2015 under the principles of low regulation and low taxation to help preserve the rural character of our town. City of Kingsbury residents are charged no property taxes and our property annexations are completely voluntary. If you would like to be an official resident of the City of Kingsbury or our ETJ, we can help you with that, too. We would also love to hear your feedback about the types of development and services you would like to see (or not see) in Kingsbury’s future.

city seal1.png

Jessica Gardner
Kingsbury City Clerk

Fortunately, with the passage of Texas Senate Bill 2038,

Texas has made a simple and guaranteed process for landowners to remove themselves from any ETJ,
and City of Kingsbury officials are happy to help!
ONE EXCEPTION: Properties within a 5 mile radius of an active military base
cannot be released from an ETJ. This includes Randolf Airforce Base in southeast Seguin. You can contact me if you need help determining if you are in this area.
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