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Happy Birthday Kingsbury!

Today, May 19th, 2015, is the birthday of the newest city in Texas. On this day, Kingsbury received the Order from the Guadalupe County Commissioners Court to declare it a Type-C Municipality. The Court approved the canvass of the incorporation election, issued the Order for a municipality, and set the date for election of city officials - all by unanimous votes.

When it came to discussing the Order, I was allowed to get up and say a few words about Kingsbury, the people of our great community, and the efforts of the Court, the KIC, and our citizenry to get to this phase in the development of a whole, independent Kingsbury.

The vote was then taken and the Order passed. We couldn't help ourselves and the KIC members present started an applause that grew to having everyone in the room applauding for Kingsbury! The Court then allowed us the opportunity to shake their hands and take some photos commemorating this historic moment.

What a great point in the history of Kingsbury! Pictured are: Front row L to R - Bob Grafe, KIC Vice Chairman; Cecil Ricketts, KIC member; Millie Glasgow, KIC member; Joan Drugan, KIC member; Shirley Nolen, KIC Chairperson; Jeremy Drugan, KIC member; and Sam Drugan, KIC member. Back row L to R - Greg Seidenberger, Commissioner Pct 1; Jack Shanafelt, Commissioner Pct 2; Kyle Kutscher, County Judge; Jim Wolverton, Commissioner Pct 3; and Judy Cope, Commissioner Pct 4.

Now we look forward to celebrating this moment and continuing the efforts to bring in the rest of all those who consider themselves Kingsburians.

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