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Incorporation Election


The election on May 9th, 2015 to incorporate Kingsbury as the newest city in Texas

was a huge success!  The vote was a landslide of 66-2 in favor of

creating The City Of Kingsbury - the people have spoken and spoken



According to the election officials, the number of people that showed up at the polls

that wanted to Vote For Kingsbury but could not because they were not in the

proposed city limits equalled the number of voters that were able to cast ballots.

The People Of Kingsbury spoke loud and clear even if their voices

were not officially heard.  Everyone that loves Kingsbury heard you!


The next steps are to have the election canvassed by the Guadalupe County Commissioners

Court, have the County Judge sign an Order declaring the community of Kingsbury, Texas to be

incorporated as a Type-C Municipality, and to have the call for election of the Mayor and two Commissioners.

These actions are now on the Agenda of the next meeting of the Commissioners Court 

on May 19th.

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