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KVFD Bar-B-Q 2016!

The Annual Benefit Bar-B-Q and Raffle benefiting the Kingsbury Volunteer Fire Department was held Saturday, July 30th and was another success!

It all starts with the prep - burning out the pits, power washing the cooking area, peeling, slicing and dicing onions, washing all the pots and pans, and on and on!

Peeling onions

Peeling 50 pounds of onions started at 7:30 in the morning.

Power washing

Power washing the cutting surfaces.

Watching the preparations

Washed up the pots and pans

Cleaning the fire station

Cleaning up the pits

Happy helpers!

Chopping onions for potato salad

Working in the kitchen

It takes a LOT of extra heavy mayo to make that much potato salad

Cutting up meat

Happy meat cutters!

Working the Country Store throughout the day

... and reading the Kingsbury Independent Newspsper!

Lifeflight helicopter touch down

Checking out the Lifeflight helicopter

Buying raffle tickets

Auctioneers leading the Live Auction

Happy little bunnies!

Serving up a heaping plate of Bar-B-Q and all the fixin's

Good beans!

Serving up potato salad

Pot bellied pigs in the Live Auction

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