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Kingsbury Texas Fall Harvest Festival 2015

Rosemary The Donkey at the Petting Zoo.

The Fall Harvest Festival was Saturday, November 14th, 2015 in the happenin' place of downtown Kingsbury, Texas!

We had an awesome array of vendors, music by the Brushy Creek Boys, good food from the Kingsbuiry Cafe and Taco Man's food truck, the Petting Zoo and Duckling Slide, and a great bunch of attendees that came in the slightly wet weather to support the Festival.

The Brushy Creek Boys provided the music

Ducklings headed back up the ramp of the Duckling Slide

Checking out The Trading Post

Getting some "eats" from the Kingsbury Cafe

Takin' it easy!

Rosemary The Donkey being good and not biting (she wanted to though!)

Sam and Jeremy Drugan enjoying some food at the Festival.

Homemade items for sale or trade at The Trading Post

And it all ended with a beautiful rainbow at the end of the day!

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