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Kingsbury Birth Day Celebration Cookout

The June 13th Celebration for "Kingsbury - The Newest City in Texas" was awesome! Wasn't it fun to be outside without it raining on you (for the most part!), eating some gosh darn good burgers and hot dogs, talking with friends, trying to keep your food away from the dogs, blowing bubbles, and generally just having a great time! I met some wonderful new people that I genuinely hope to see more of and some new puppy dogs that I must pet many more times in the future!

Thanks to everyone who helped set up, tear down, flip burgers, grill dogs, shop, prepare, and the hundred other things to make our first Kingsbury Birthday Celebration a success.

And thanks to everyone that stopped by and ate and chatted and ate and chatted and ate ... We are going to to be doing this many more times in the futue - if for no other reason that to celebrate our Kingsbury!

And special thanks to Monica and Torrey with the Kingsbury Cafe for having the pork sliders and lemonade and to the Kingsbury Baptist Church for the desserts - my slider and peach cobbler made a delicious supper!

Kingsbury, Texas - ain't it great?!

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