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The extreme weather events and subsequent rolling blackouts have caused numerous issues in Kingsbury and throughout Texas.  One of these many issues is the loss of water service from the Crystal Clear Special Utility District that services a large part of Guadalupe County.  This page will be updated with information pertaining to water service outages, safe water practices, and any water distributions available.

  • Water Distribution

    • ​Bottled water is currently available for free in downtown Kingsbury inside the Kingsbury Country Store for distribution to anyone needing it.  A limit will be imposed so that all who need water can have some.


  • Service Outages

    • Crystal Clear water has been restored to all areas.

    • HOWEVER, emergency repairs to lines continue in several areas and low pressure or outages are being experienced.

    • Everyone should keep an eye out for water leaks.  Please report a Crystal Clear leak to (830) 372-1031.  Any leaks need to be reported and shut down immediately so that minimal water is lost and the rest of the system does not go down.

  • Safe Water Practices​

    • The boil notice for Crystal Clear water has been lifted as of February 24.

    • There will be a lot of rust and scale in newly restored Crystal Clear water.  This can be flushed by running an outside water spigot for a few minutes.

    • Check and clean the screens on your indoor water faucets after a day's use as buildup may have occurred in them.

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