Kingsbury Has First Voluntary Annexations

June 24, 2016

The City of Kingsbury extended it's city limits for the first time on Monday, June 20, 2016 by voting to approve Voluntary Annexations submitted by area land owners.


Suzy and Howard Wilson and Leonora Kuhn and Maurice West had submitted voluntary annexation petitions which were processed by city staff.  A notice was published in the Gazette for the Public Hearings required before the City Commission can act.  The first Public Hearings were held Saturday, June 18th at the sites of the annexation requests, and the second Public Hearing for all properties was held during the Kingsbury City Commission meeting on Monday, June 20th.  At that time, the Mayor and Commissioners voted to approve the ordinances for the annexations and it was done!

Notice of Public Hearings in the Gazette (online). 



Public Hearing at the Wilson property on Jackson Road.


 And the gavel makes it official.  But what is the little Corgi dog doing at the fence?  Only in Kingsbury!!



 What an awesome Public Hearing!  At a picnic table in the shade on a beautiful day!




Public Hearing at the Kuhn and West property on Wilke Road.


 The property was officially declared as the most beautiful addition to Kingsbury!  It's gorgeous!